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Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue Before You Book One

intimate wedding venue

Are you starting to research Atlanta venues for your wedding day? We hope we found you at the beginning of your lovely wedding planning journey. There are some important questions to ask your wedding venue before you book one.

Booking an intimate venue for your wedding day is one of the biggest steps in the wedding planning process. Before you lock in your venue, you should check every single detail to make sure there are no unexpected surprises.

Here is a list of important questions to ask before you pay a deposit and confirm your dream wedding ceremony or reception venue.

The Big Question

Well, the BIG question has actually been asked already and you have a gorgeous ring on your finger - yay!

The next big question is if the date you want is available. This is really crucial if you have a date that was chosen that is not flexible. Hopefully, the date you want is all yours, and then you will ask the following questions.

intimate venue

The Basics

  • Do you have prices and packages to share?

  • Is there a venue fee?

  • What is the maximum number of guests allowed?

  • What time can we arrive at the venue?

  • What time do we need to leave the venue? Can we extend and if so what is the cost?

  • Do we have the venue exclusively?

  • Which vendors/services do you supply exclusively? Are there options included?

  • Can we provide our own vendors and services?

  • Can we bring our own alcohol?

  • Can we play music at the venue until the event ends?

  • What is the backup venue if it rains? (This one is only if you are planning to be outdoors).

The Details

  • Can we have a contract to sign?

  • Do you have a list of rules and regulations?

  • Do you have a dedicated wedding planner on the team and will that person be there on the day?

  • If we later want to cancel an add-on service we booked is it possible?

  • What is your postponement and cancellation policy?

  • What is your COVID policy?

The Final Steps

  • How much deposit is required and when is full payment required?

  • Is deposit refundable?

  • How long do we have to decide?

intimate wedding venue

There is a long list, but don't worry about asking so many questions. It is your right to have all info and this is one of the most important (and probably expensive) days of your life.

Ask for a quote for the wedding services you expect to book. Make sure all of the information above is included in a contract that is signed by you and the wedding venue. Make sure all the details are finalized before paying your deposit. It's easy to get giddy and excited as you find the perfect intimate wedding venue to celebrate your beautiful love story and forget to do the boring paperwork.

After you set the date and book the wedding venue, the rest of the wedding planning process will fall beautifully into place. And if you are still looking at wedding venues for your very special day, B Suite has a wedding venue rental perfect for intimate weddings.

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