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Six Tips to Help You Plan a Wedding on A Budget

Calculating a wedding budget is probably one of the least fun parts of the wedding planning process. Of course, brides would instead be choosing flowers, sampling wine, and trying on wedding dresses. But before all of those joyful things can happen, it's wise for couples to set a firm budget for their wedding.

Don't give up on that Vera Wang dream dress just yet, though. Yes, you can create a beautiful wedding without putting yourself under financial stress!

Here are six wedding tips for planning a wedding on a budget while still having the day you envision.

Research DIY Ideas

Your friends might not consider you the DIY type, but by the time your wedding rolls around, you might be the newly crowned DIY queen. Start with the simple decorations that you can practice at home while watching "Say I Do" again. Name cards are the perfect place to start. Then you can look at making centerpieces, menu cards, and signage.

Maybe you will enjoy taking up the art of calligraphy. There are plenty of online courses you can enroll in. Or download an artsy calligraphy font and create your calligraphy decorations with the help of your printer.

Be Creative With The Use Of Florals

You can make an intimate venue look gorgeous without going over the top with a lot of flowers. Small, delicate vases of flowers with votives and other table decorations can be pretty and add a splash of color without breaking the bank.

Putting a floral focus on the bridal table and simple flowers on the guest tables can work well. Bud vases with single stems of flowers can look chic and elegant.

Keep The Bridal Party And Guest List To A Minimum

Consider keeping your bridal party small, or maybe you can keep it intimate with just the two of you. You may end up spending a lot on your bridal party when you add up the cost of thank you gifts, bridal attire, and accessories.

We know it's not easy, but if you keep the guest list at a minimum, you can save on food and alcohol, which is one of the most significant wedding expenses. Reducing your guest list will also save on invitations, favors, decorations, and other rentals.

Enlist The Talents Of Your Friends

It's an honor when someone asks you to play an essential role at their wedding. Think about what your friends do for their jobs and hobbies. Do they have any skills that could be useful? Maybe one of your friends is a singer or crafter; you might be surprised at what your tribe can contribute to your big day.

Offer To Barter

Do you have a skill or service to offer for barter? If you're a professional photographer, graphic designer, website-builder, videographer – literally any skill that a business could use – you're on the right track to barter for your wedding services. If you're good at writing copy that gets noticed on the web, or can design neat logos and incorporate them into a website, consider offering these services in exchange for services from your wedding vendors.

Choose an All-Inclusive Venue

You can save money, time, and hassle by having your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location. It's easier for guests and easier on you, since you won't have two separate locations to worry about. Look for a venue that offers flexible configurations, ample parking, and that's accessible for guests of all abilities.

At The B Suite, Atlanta's intimate venue provides all-inclusive wedding packages making your wedding venue decision simple. Pricing includes the setup, breakdown, tables, chairs, décor, and much more. We have an experienced list of recommended caterers (or you can use your own), free parking and easy access for guests, an event attendant to assist you, and much more.

For information on The B Suite afford venue and wedding services, give us a call at 678-540-4240 or visit our wedding page for more details. Be sure to ask about how we can accommodate your rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid brunch, or other events that surround your special day.

These helpful hints hopefully will bring your wedding budget in line with what you can afford while still reaching the expectations you have for your dream wedding day.

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