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Three Steps to a Perfect Elopement

While we love weddings around here, we also have a soft spot for sweet elopements. With an emphasis on the intimate and personal, choosing to elope may be just the option for you. And there's no need to run off to Vegas to make your wedding dreams come true– The B Suite is the perfect venue to host your elopement! If you've been considering bypassing a large wedding affair in favor of an elopement, we've got three simple steps to follow, regardless of the style of elopement you choose.

1. Don't Forget the Details

Your wedding day should feel unique and customized. Consider picking a few (or all) of the details you care about most to include in your elopement. Brides and grooms may choose a wedding bouquet or boutonniere. Consider having a unique centerpiece at a table for two if you celebrate at a restaurant after you tie the knot. Brides can choose to wear a traditional wedding dress or mix it up with a trendy jumpsuit or romper. Grooms may opt for full-on formal wear or something more casual—whatever fits the vibe of the celebration. If you're looking for a ceremony venue rather than going to the courthouse, make sure to do your research as some venues run special rates and packages for elopement ceremonies and more intimate weddings. The small details are a big part of making your wedding feel just right, so take the time to choose what you and your partner want.

2. Photograph Your Elopement Day

Whether you're eloping to keep things small and intimate or to minimize expenses (or both!), don't avoid the wedding photographer! You will want something other than an iPhone to snap your wedding day photos. Have the photographer capture everything—from the first kiss, cake cutting, to mini photo session. Since you may not be sharing the actual day with your friends and family, they will appreciate getting to experience the joy and excitement through your photos. Considering adding an extra special touch, hire a videographer to film the ceremony and put together a video of your wedding day.

3. Announce Your Marriage after Eloping

If you don't tell anybody before you get married, you should make a point to share the wonderful news with loved ones with a personalized wedding announcement. Because you decided to elope doesn't mean you should skip telling sharing the news with your friends and loved ones!

Do you need a great wedding venue? Call and schedule a tour today.

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